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tv   BBC World News  PBS  May 24, 2012 12:30am-1:00am PDT

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>> hello and welcome. >> crisis talks in brussels, leaders said they are focused on a push for growth and to keep greece in the euro zone. hewlett-packard has cut 20,000 -- 27,000 jobs. >> guilty of treason, the doctor who helped the united states track down osama bin laden is jailed for 30 years. it is 11:00 in singapore. >> it is 4:00 in london. broadcasting to viewers on pbs in america and around the world.
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hello and welcome. european union leaders say they have focused and from discussions on the crisis in the euro zone. there is said to be agreement over the need for economic growth. the eu leaders also said they want greece to remain in the euro zone, but to respect its commitments. >> we want greece to remain in the euro area while respecting its commitments. we are fully aware of the significant efforts already made by the greek citizens. >> the euro zone has shown considerable solidarity, having worked with the imf, up 150 billion euros in support of greece since 2010. >> the main message of agreement
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that seems to have come out of this informal gathering is relatively uncontroversial. it is not about a choice between bringing down government debts and deficits or growth on the other, it is about both of them happening together. it is a recognition from many people, including david cameron, that there is no good having a reduction in deficits if you do not have sustainable growth. it is also an easy thing to say. the fact they are saying it illustrates how difficult finding a way of managing both things have carried out -- is proving to be. a lot of ideas in the early hours of the morning. the french president talking about eurobonds. neutralizing the debt -- and he
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said it was not about the political imperative. he said that was to do is bringing down the interest-rate payments that some heavily indebted countries find themselves paying at the moment. we know the germans do not accept this stage. angela merkel talking about using already existing structures -- structures within the european union. using finding that already exist to bring about job creation and growth. many ideas involving more cohesion within the banking system, this kind of thing. they will work on those ideas ahead of a crucial summit at the end of june. >> a fire is burning of board in nuclear powered submarines in new hampshire. for people are reported to have
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been injured. fire crews responded to the incident on board the uss miami. our correspondent is following the latest developments from washington. what can you tell us? >> fire crews are still working to put out the fire on board the uss miami, which is a los angeles attack submarine. it has been there since march undergone repair and maintenance and upgrade work. the fire started just before 6:00 this evening, local time. about five hours ago. it has been burning for some time. four people were injured, one was treated at the scene, three were taken to hospital. the authorities at the naval base in portsmouth said the submarine's nuclear reactor was not active at the time. it was not damaged or affected
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in any way. that would of been the main concern to the fire crews and other emergency services responding to this fire. the fire started in a compartment at the front of the submarine, but it is not known what caused the fire. an investigation will be started, we are told, by the authorities on that naval base. a fire in an enclosed space aboard a submarine, whether there are weapons on board, will always be a concern. it is such a confined space surrounded by so much military hardware. >> a number of people injured in this incident. >> four people injured, as i say, one was treated at the scene. three others were taken to hospital. it is reported back to those injured were firefighters, but
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that has not been confirmed. so far, that appears to be the extent of the injuries involved. fire crews are still working to put out the flames on board the uss miami. >> thank you very much. hewlett-packard has announced that it is laying off 27,000 employees are around the world. cutting a% of its workforce, the computer maker hopes to save $3.5 billion by 2014. our correspondent in los angeles has more details on the company's cuts. >> it is altogether a huge percentage, 8% of the worldwide staff. the reasons behind this comes down to the fact that more people are moving across to smart phones and tablets.
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h-p is the world's biggest producer of personal computers they have struggled -- computers. they have struggled to keep up and they have had a change in management. 27,000 employees -- money that would go back into the company to go towards developing new products. they will focus on cloud computing, a data storage, and to computer security. >> it seems the company could not compete with the ipad. it did not do what it should have been doing. >> other big manufacturers, dell, they've also seen these kinds of problems. most people are switching the way they did their computing.
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they are not able to adapt. this news leaked out in silicon valley last week when facebook was going public and is being valued at that massive cost. a challenge to the direction of the money in technology. in terms of the way -- h-p has been given something of a boost. they think this is the way they should be moving forward to write those wrongs. -- right those wrongs. >> the social net working site facebook and several banks are to be sued over allegations that important information was withheld from some of those who bought shares in the company when it floated on the stock market last week. it is claimed that it was only shares with institutional investors, and not with the general public.
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morgan stanley has denied wrongdoing. pakistan has jailed a doctor who helped find osama bin laden. >> that is right. the united states has pronounced the 30-year prison sentence imposed on shakil afridi. he was recruited by the cia and set up a vaccination program said that dna samples could be taken from children living in the house where osama bin laden was thought to be living. we are joined from chicago by a journalist from pakistan's largest english-language daily newspaper. has it worsened relations between the united states and pakistan? >> i do not think the doctor will be the only reason why the relations have worsened. relations worsened when the raid happened, when the attack -- the
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conviction of this doctor shows just how much rage there is against the u.s.. particularly, the cia, which has pushed the public health of pakistani children at risk. >> if the americans continue to pressure the pakistan government, could this lead to the release of the doctor? >> it does not look like that would be the case. the way this was done in pakistan, he was tried by a tribal courts. one of the reasons for that was to give the -- give some importance to the province in which -- they looked over all of
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this and the doctor belonged to. what is being ignored is the fact that internal divisions between pakistan, inside pakistan, are being exacerbated. this case, for example, has pushed other members of the tribe at a desk. they can also be seen as cia agents. this is an environment in which there is a lot of uncertainty and the fact -- and a lot of conspiracy. the use of something like this, the use of a doctor who is supposed to be working for the health of the pakistani people, is something that has hurt not just on a foreign policy level between pakistan and the u.s., on a public level among the pakistani people. he is one of the few people they can punish for something they see as a much larger crime.
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i would say that it would be very unlikely that he would be released. >> thank you so much for your insight. in the end of report, it said a failure to intervene in srilanka have left the u.s. security council looking redundant as a guardian of global peace. our world affairs correspondent reports. >> these are among the latest pictures from syria, more amateur video showing the shelling . a team of united nations observers have thought the
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violence has spiked despite their presence. amnesty international claims the continuing crisis in syria is the most telling example of why the u.n. security council is looking tired, out of step, and increasingly on fact, -- unfit, redundant as a guardian of world peace. >> what is happening that constituted crimes against humanity, but there was no action from the council. when there is human rights abuses, like we are seeing in syria, the veto cannot be allowed. >> amnesty is accusing the government of failing to show leadership to match the courage shown by protesters during the past year.
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negotiations this july for a treaty on the global arms with all the human rights organizations. amnesty calls the past year truly tumultuous, millions of people taking to the streets to demand freedom, justice, and did indeed, putting their lives on the line. dictators have fallen, but not a dictatorship. for that reason, it is warning that the gains remained vulnerable. >> you are watching newsday and. the protesters shining the spotlight on the human rights record.
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at thes take a look stories making headlines around the world. the front page describes angela merkel and francois hollande's meeting as confrontational. the two leaders on how to lift the euro zone out of turmoil. the south china morning post gives implications of europe's financial woes. it is largely due to sluggish demand in europe and the u.s. more bad news for facebook with concerns about the white advisers disclosed information to investors. regulators say they never did the process to see if some investors had favorable access. the moscow times shows to could be the newest winner of the song contest.
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>> eu leaders have agreed on the need for measures to boost economic growth and said it wants greece to stay in the euro zone. >> a doctor who helped the americans find osama bin laden has been jailed. the u.s. has said it sees no reason why he should be detained. if you walk into any western retail outlets, you will find clothes made from bangladesh. the country has emerged as the second largest clothing exporter, after china. it is also highlights the problems of its work force. joining me now the country program director of the solidarity center based in bangladesh. thank you so much for joining
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us. at the heart of this labor issue is a murderer of a union organizer who was a whistle- blower on pork conditions in the clothing industry in bangladesh -- poor conditions in the closing industry in bangladesh. has is that had an effect on morale for workers? >> there is a big impact. the union leader is a leader in the local level, which there are large factories, garment factories in the special economic zone, as well as outside the special zones. he is not a national figure, he is not even the big time labor leader, but in that area, they
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sought him out for advice. >> has it impacted productivity in the textile factories? >> the productivity is more impacted due to the infrastructure of bangladesh in terms of the energy. there has always been blackouts. the roadway and the transportation of the garments from the factories to the shipping hub. it is a big problem. the current problem that is occurring or spontaneous stripes in -- strikes in different areas of bangladesh
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where there are the garment factories. the loss of productivity could be attributed to those three things. >> briefly, before we let you go, these workers are being hired by foreign companies. had they responded to the problems faced by the workers? >> the main owners of the factory in bangladesh are local investors, but what we have is a number of foreign buyers, the brands that are buying from this local factory. they have not clearly come out to point out of the death, as
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well as the local firms, but there has been discussion in terms of how we could try to stop the spontaneous outbreak that is occurring in the garment industry by the workers. >> we will have to leave it there. thank you for joining us. human rights campaigners have been using the run-up to the euro bijan final to stage for their protests. the protesters are using the global attention generated by the contest to make public rights issues this they have been overlooked for years. we have the story. >> contestants for euro vision are sharpening up their act.
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be on the razzmatazz, there are ones that want to shine a light on this country's poor human- rights record. contestants used the moment to take to the streets. some demonstrations have been sanctioned. uniformed officers moved the people on it. that is why some have opted for a more subtle approach. while police turned their backs, some of their best known human rights campaigners speak out. >> my message should -- it does not support democratization and freedom. data support the corruption. >> -- they just support the corruption. >> they are anchored by this. the government disputes this and says many work rehoused. other critics have been harassed and in some cases
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hospitalized. this journalist was attacked by guards from the state oil company. ♪ this singer was arrested for insulting the president. this is a country of the extremes. the oil wealth is turned into an opulent the elite can enjoy. while large numbers of people live in poverty. everywhere you go, you are likely to be watched. the winner of euro vision will only be known on saturday night and it is announced in the crystal halt. many are hoping that euro a vision carries a legacy of freedom of expression. one that lasts until well after the dazzling lights go out. " saudi arabia has pledged more than $3 billion in aid to its neighbor yemen. the money will help bring stability in the troubled gulf states.
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aid agencies awards of the catastrophic food crisis which could kill not large numbers of people. -- could kill large numbers of people. >> and opulence at this hotel, 38 countries and organizations met. a stark contrast to the bleak looking future of the yemeni people they would be discussing. saudi arabia is keen to promote stability. it is not clear exactly what the money will be spent on, but there are plenty of options. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula are based in the country and remains a major headache for western governments. rebels in the north were neglected by the central government, but the cease-fire has halted clashes. years of neglect mean many lack access to resources, such as
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water and electricity. at 10 million people are going hungry. the warning that nearly half the population need immediate help comes from the group of seven leading international aid agencies. >> under a -- over a million children under the age of five are going to bed hungry every night. >> ongoing political clashes are diverting the attention from the humanitarian crisis. without a long-term solutions in place, the concerns of security and poverty keep yemen in serious danger of imploding. >> the british -- is that to become the first person to jump out of the helicopter safely
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without deploying a parachute. he reached speeds of more than 130 kilometers an hour during the flight, which took him less than a minute to complete. mr. cowdery -- cautery landed on a pile of 18,000 cardboard boxes. >> i am on a lovely float right now. that is not champagne. i always knew i could do it. otherwise, i would not be there doing it. other people have spoken of it, and for one reason or another, have not achieved it. i have been very lucky to maintain my fitness throughout the training. and it has happened. and it happened the way i expected it to happen. >> i do not think i could do that. thank you for watching.
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